In Memory Of Our Loved and Missed Classmates, Principals and Teachers

Class of:
1925 to 1929, 1930 - 1931, 1932 to 1934, 1935 to 1936, 1938 to 1940, 1941 and 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, Greenbrier West 1969, Greenbrier West 1970, Greenbrier West 1971

Roy Coffman - Friday, Oct. 20, 2006 - Obituary

Class of 41

Beryl Aaron Boggs - Obituary Passed away April 1, 2008 (submitted by Connard Estep)






Russell E. Coleman, Jr. - Obituary (Submitted by Rachel Phillips)






Audrey Shiflette Whitman - Obituary - Passed away Feb. 8, 2008 (Submitted by Connard Estep)







Clarence Pete CraftClass of 44
Clarence "Pete" Craft passed away this year on February 16, 2007 (The information was sent by his daughter, Bettye.)  Click to view Pete's obituary.





Class of 45Arleta Wilson Smith
Arleta (Wilson) Smith - Obituary (Submitted by John J. Johnson)






Herbert Walker, Jr. - Obituary (Submitted by Normal Walker Zopp)





Class of 47
A hand-written list of 1947 graduates who have passed on can be found here.


Class of 49
Thelma Jo Phillips Hansen  (Sent by her son, Jeff Hanson)
Thelma Jo Phillips passed away on August 21, 1994 after a short battle with cancer. She was a teacher, and spent most of her career at Barboursville High School. She was survived by her son, Jeff Hanson, her daughter, Dawn Dooley, a granddaughter, and her brother Ed Phillips. Since her death, she has had two more granddaughters and a grandson.



Class of 50
James "Keith" GoddardJames "Keith Goddard - Passed away June 7, 2008 - Obituary (Forwarded by Connard Estep)






Charlie Taylor






Class of 51

Janice Harshburger Bryant






Janice Carmichael





Betty Smith Elliot





Libby Fink

Margaret Ann Fox

Paul "Junie" Gutshall

Kenneth Lively






Billy Martin






Freda Martin






Lee McCall

Howard Neal

Imelda Posten

Sidney Roberts

Granville Robinson





Don Sanford

Ralph Smith

Vellow "Bud" Smith - Sent by Loretta Jones.  Bud died in 1984.  He retired from the Air Force in 1972. Bud worked as an Air TrafficController was working for the FAA in Danville, Virginia at the time of his death.




Hilda Vass






Betty "Pud" Wilt






Detward Woolard






Class of 52

Leo Alls






Ginger Burns






Jackie Bottomley






Billy Jo Carmichael





Betty Carter

Helen Corren






Franklin Hume

Dicke Jarrett

Darrell Kincaid

Don Lively






Johnnie Morrison

Yvonne Scott






Franklin Surbaugh




Edna Sutphin Williams - Obituary (forwarded by Carole Vaughn)





Class of 53

Wiley F. BowerWiley F. Bower - Obituary Passsed away Jan. 13, 2008 (Submitted by Connard Estep)





Margaret Ann ShuckMargaret Ann Shuck - A letter tribute written by her husband, Robert (Bob) Myers






Madeline Loudermilk TincherMadaline Loudermilk Tincher - Obituary - Forwarded by Connard Estep





Charles W. WhiteCharles W. White
- Obituary








Class of 54
Asa Meade's Obituary (Forwarded by Connard Estep).  Please let me know if I have the incorrect year.

Alva Utterback Kinard - Alva died in Melbourne FL in Feb. 1998 after a long battle with cancer. She was retired from Harris Industries in Palm Bay, FL where she worked as an engineer assistant. She leaves three children, Charles Lyons, Bob Lyons, and Shirley Lyons Todd and four grandchildren.

Vivian Sevy SimmsVivian Sevy Sims, 72, of Rainelle, passed away, September 18, 2008, at Greenbrier Valley Medical Center, following a short illness.  Click here to view her obituary (Forwarded by Evelyn Utterback Drake)





Class of 55
Gordon Alls





Beatrice Bobbitt





Willie Brown






Harold Cochran






Jerry Crotty





Robert (Bob) Crusse






Garnet Gearhart





Melanie Gladwell






Larry Hamilton






John Johnson, Jr.John "Swede" Johnson, Jr. - Obituary - John passed away John J. Johnson, Jr., 73, of Yorktown, VA, joined his Savior January 13, 2011, in his home surrounded by his loving family after a long illness.





Lake Lambert - Lake passed away in 1976, in Louisville KY, from cancer. He graduated in 1959 from WVU, with a degree in Business Administration. He was married to the former Evelyn Utterback of Rainelle.




Gladys Plum





Class of 56

In Memory of:
Kipton Bottomly





Jean Brackman





Deloris Cole






Leslie Dillon






Harold Johnson





Pat McQuain





Jean Ann Marrs Singleton






Sam (Harry) Tallman - Died Dec. 26, 2009.  Harry was retired military with two tours of Vietnam. He was an excellent woodworker.

Jim Wilt






Class of 57

Jackie Brown




Wilma Brown




Carol Carr




Marg Corron




Janet Crawford





Carma Lee Jackson Herold
Michelle D. Herold, daughter of Carma Lee Jackson Herold and James Douglas Herold, wrote a touching tribute about her parents on the
discussion board.  Michelle moved from Ohio to help her parents.  Among her comments were a discussion on her admiration for her parent's bravery and love for each other.  She wrote, "
Mom was such a social person. She would be coming to the class reunion if she could. I imagine she will be there in some form or another. I wanted all of her friends to know what a special influence and person she was to me and her friends. She is deeply missed and I love her with all of my heart. She is and always will be the wind beneath my wings. She will live on through me now and forever.  Thank you for loving and praying for my mother."

Ronald Kitchen




Phil Lindsay




Geraldine Lively




Sandra McQuain




Almeda Meadows




Delores Mitchell




Lester  Puckett - Passed away June 26, 2009 due to a heart attack




Paula Scott




Joyce Shaver




Alden Tyler




Class of 58

Jim BennettJim Bennett (forwarded by J.L. Holsberry)




Howard (Buddy) Bragg





Shirley Holcomb Dixon





Carolyn Phipps




Norma Rose





Fred Willey






Class of 59

Janis Brafford
(Written by a classmate) "Janis died in early October 2005 of cervical cancer. She had returned to Delaware with her husband Jack Orvis, and was living there when she died.  She was a devout Christian and is now resting in a better place.  She will be missed by her friends and classmates.Gene Wiseman compiled a moving biography on Janis that is available in PDF and .jpeg format.



Class of 60

Dorothy Brackman

Bill ConnardBill Connard





 Mike Griffith
Mike Griffith






Terri HumeTerri Hume






Judy JacksonJudy Jackson







Cobert Lively

Cobert Lively





Barbara Lowe







Lorena LoudermilkLorena Loudermilk





Grant Martin
Grant Martin







Karen RayKaren Ray






Tilitha SanfordTilitha Sanford







Carol TincherCarol Tincher

Class of 61

Della HugartDella Hugart






Roy DixonRoy Dixon






Class of 62

David Neff






Class of 63

Gary Bottomly


Darlene (Bates) Scarles - Darlene's Obituary





Joyce (Scarles) Flanagan






Jane (Fox) West






Don McGuire






Rodney Thompson






Class of 64

Gerald FleshmanGerald Fleshman
Gerald passed away in 1982. Gerald was a friend to all.  He was an honors student and always had a smile on his face.





Sandy WalkerSandy Walker Manspile
We wish to remember Reunion Committee leader, Sandy Walker Manspile, who passed away
Oct. 4, 2005 after bravely battling cancer for a lengthy period.  Sandy's daughter, Wendy Manspile McGraw, wrote a moving tribute to Sandy on the discussion board. Wendy wrote, "I want you to know that she would have loved to visit this site, to keep up with everyone. She loved coming to the annual reunion's. As you all know she passed away on Oct. 4, 2005. We miss her so much, she always kept everyone laughing or crying at all her funny jokes, she was so full of life. She wanted everyone around her to be HAPPY"  Andy Aide Pendleton's comments included, "As you know Sandy Walker Manspile made the Class of 64 reunions....she loved every one of her classmates as we did her...and yes the big smile she had was HUGE.....Her laughter was infectious..her kindness knew no boundaries, her HEART was full of heart for those she loved and cared for."


Gerry Mitchell
Comments by Andy Aide Pendleton and Dale Tincher - Gerry passed away December 16, 2009.  Gerry was a dear friend of the Rainelle High School Class of '64 as well as other classes. Gerry was active in high school activities, including the band and several honor and social organizations. He loved Rainelle, West Virginia and was one of the creators and maintainers of the RainelleReunion.com Website. Gerry spent countless hours finding and editing photographs and articles, creating one of the best reunion Websites on the Internet, as well as what Gerry liked to call "An Online Museum of Rainelle Historical Photos and Articles." In honor of Gerry, the Website photo sections will continue, but never be on the scale they were when he was in charge. Gerry was a very giving person. Many friends have commented about how Gerry sought and sent articles that he thought might be meaningful to them. He will be missed.  Gerry's obituary


David Patterson
David passed away in 1991.






Ray Robinson
Ray passed away in 1999.  Ray was a great friend to have.  He had a quiet manner in high school, was very courteous to all and was an honors student.





Sarah Wiseman Turner
Sarah passed away
Saturday, May 15, 2010.  A tribute to Sarah is posted here.

Class of 65

Please Click Here to see a very nice pictorial memorial display set up at a recent reunion

The Class of 1965 remembers:

Richard Curd
Start of Tour - 7/26/67, Casualty Date - 8/17/67, Country - South Vietnam.  Monument at Greenbrier County Courthouse that lists Greenbrier County war fatality heroes, including Richard.  Richard is also listed on the Washington, D.C. monument.  Richard was always enthusiastic and involved in numerous activities in high school and had a multitude of friends.




Charles "Chubby" Johnson --January 12, 1977
We knew him as Chubby Johnson.  He was always friendly and pleasant and had countless friends.  Chubby was named to the "All-State" football team.  Chubby was a West Virginia state trooper and was killed in the line of duty.  We honor him and his memory.  Chubby is listed on the West Virginia State Police Hall of Honor.  Please click to read Chubby's obituary.




Gerald "Jerry" Falls --August 11, 1997 - Please click to read Gerald's obiturary.






Glen Gillespie --July 23, 1998 - Please click to read Glen's obituary.






Helen Sanford Amick -- August 18, 1999 - Please click to read Helen's obituary.






Mark Powers -- September 11, 2000 - Please click to read Mark's obituary.






Jesse Nelson -- July 13, 2001 - Please click to read Jesse's obituary.






James "Jim" Lewis --December 9, 2005 - Please click to read Jim's obituary.






Class of 66


James Bragg






Sandy Harrah






John MorrisJohn Morris -- October 11, 1996






Jerry Reed -- August 12, 1973Jerry Reed (Sent by Rebecca Reed and family)

Jerry Reed passed away unexpectedly August 12, 1973. He was the son of Calvin and Marie Reed of Rainelle. He was a proud and devoted father of three children Lucinda, Tony, And Bethann. Jerry loved his family very much, including his seven brothers and sisters he left behind.





Louise Snedegar






Class of 67

Lloyd Keith Cook






Charles (Chuck) Dixon






Norman Gillespie






William (Bill) Gray - Please click to read Bill's Obituary






Martha Walker Harrington






Wayne Pennington






Gary French Powers





Mary Jane Scudder






Carolyn Seagraves Weiser






Class of 68

Ann Neff Estep, Class of 68
Ann died of cancer April 15, 1996. She was the daughter of Mac (America) Neff. Ann was married to Gary Estep and had one daughter, Heather.





Please send your memoriam notes to dale.tincher@rainellereunion.com and we will be happy to post them.  If you simply want to submit a name to let classmates know that someone passed away, we will gladly add the name to the Memoriam page until more information is available.  We will also be happy to place and link to obituaries.

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