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were assembled. Some classes were not prepared and jerry Osborne had to go thru ail the packets again to put in last minute coupons, name tags and last minute registrations. It was noted that people need to respond quicker. Tom Bobbitt & Eddy Smith volunteered to do the name tags for the reunion if we will provide them with a list. June Estep mentioned having a computer set up at the registration desk to make name tags for late arrivals & non-registered guests.. Jane Puffenbarger would like to see the names & numbers printed larger.

A lengthy discussion was held on free access to all the activities by people who have not paid to attend the reunion. Jeri Lynn Robinson & Mike Reed would like to have name tags mandatory for entry to the events scheduled. They could be pat on a chain or clips & must be worn at all times. This would mean extra volunteers or pay people to check name tags for entry. K.C. stated we will take care of this problem by use of name tags or other means of identification for entry.

J.L. Holsberry asked us to explore the possibility of having concessions for people in need of food to take their medications during the day.. It was reported this was tried at a previous reunion & it did not go over very well. We will see what we can come up with something along this line.

The meeting continued with remarks made about the $15.00 charge for a pig roast. The fee charged is for all things involved with the reunion. Postage, printing, mandatory insurance, entertainment, food, drinks & etc. George Brooks said it was worth $15.00 to just visit and have fun for three days. A motion was made by Eddy Smith to raise the tee to $25.00. Everyone voted no. Jim Vance said it should be $20.00 per person if necessary. Sara Christian made a motion to wait till the planning starts for the 2007 reunion then make the decision on registration fees. Louise Dixon seconded & all agreed.

Previous all school reunions have included classes of 1969-1970 & 1971 graduates of Greenbrier West, Class of 1969 had sixty registration letters mailed and a response of six (6). 1970 had no mailing addresses available. 1971 sent out sixty and had nine (9) replies. This is a lot of work for the contact people and quite an expense. Don Ratliff made a motion if these classes wish to participate they should.

Patty asked for approval to keep the same P.O. Box for future reunions. Class contacts can let there class¬mates know they can send address changes to them or the box number. All agreed.

Comments were made on the "Opening Ceremony". The White Flight presented by Monica Venable, Don & Marcelie Smathers & the red, white & blue balloons released. This was presented in memory of the alumni that had passed since the last reunion. Such a beautiful ceremony that was heard by only a few people. Along the side lines was a dull roar of conversations that left a lot of people not even knowing what was going on. We realize it was hot & tried to keep the ceremony short. The voices echoed off the building people were using for shade. Sam Ripley made the suggestion we move the ceremony to the gym or on the front lawn or face the platform to the side so the people can get in the shade. This will be discussed when the planning starts again.

The last order of business was concerning the nominations or replacements of the executive committee for the next reunion. Gloria Bennett made the motion to keep the same committee in place. Patty asked if we could add Freda Morris & Tom Gilkerson to help us. Everyone in attendance agreed. Meeting adjourned.

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